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Dear Visitor,

Marlene DietrichVery Welcome at the "Marlene Dietrich Internet Museum". Here you will find information and photos about the private and professional life of that fascinating and multifaceted Personality.

Marlene Dietrich was discovered for the part of "Lola Lola" in the Film "The Blue Angel". That was the beginning of a centuries lasting career and the making of a Legend that fascinates people all over the world till today.

Since about 20 years I am interested and engaged with this legend born in Berlin. Being from Berlin myself I was first mostly into her music, later her movies, Concert appearances and photos.

To know more about her I read lot’s of books, browsed the internet, visited in 1995 probably the most complete Exhibition about Marlene Dietrich and her inheritance and certainly visited the Filmmuseum Berlin frequently, which displays some of her personal belongings.

All of this experience I would like to outline and document here for you. But I cannot claim that what you will find here is complete. I’d rather provide an overview, and just go into details for some subjects.

Well, now enjoy the visit, yours sincerly
Michael Puettner

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