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27 Dec. 1901 Birth of Marie Magdalene Dietrich in Schöneberg (today part of Berlin)
The parents are Louis Erich Otto Dietrich and Elisabeth Josefine (birth name: Felsing), sister Elisabeth

Marlene Dietrich Baby Picture
1907 Death of her father Marlene Dietrich as a young child
1907 - 1919 School attendance in Berlin and Dessau

1920 - 1921 Boarding school in Weimar; Violin lessons with Prof. Robert Reitz, Maestro of the kings court and teacher at the music school Marlene Dietrich playing violin
Oct. 1922 Debuts in first roles at Theaters in Berlin, e.g. at "Großes Schauspielhaus Berlin" (Director Max Reinhardt); first parts in movies "SO SIND DIE MÄNNER" (1922, Director: Georg Jacoby) and "DER MENSCH AM WEGE" (1923, Director: Wilhelm Dieterle); during the filming of "TRAGÖDIE DER LIEBE" (1923, Director: Joe May) she gets to know Rudolf Sieber Marlene Dietrich and Max Reinhardt
17 May 1923 Marriage to Rudolf Sieber (1897 - 1976)

Sieber Family
13 Dec. 1924 Birth of Daughter Maria Elizabeth Sieber

Marlene Dietrich and her daughter
1927 Next to Willi Forst first leading part in the Austrian movie "CAFÉ ELECTRIC" (German title "WENN EIN WEIB DEN WEG VERLIERT", Director: Gustav Ucicky)  
1929 Leading part in the movie "DIE FRAU, NACH DER MAN SICH SEHNT" Marlene Dietrich in "Die Frau, nach der man sich sehnt"
Oct. 1929 Screen test and contract for the movie "THE BLUE ANGEL" (simultaneously filmed in German and English)  
01 Apr. 1930 Premier of "THE BLUE ANGEL" (German title "DER BLAUE ENGEL", Director: Josef von Sternberg) at the "Gloria-Palast" in Berlin

Marlene Dietrich in "The Blue Angel"
02 Apr. 1930 With the ship called "Bremen" she makes her way to America  
14 Nov. 1930 Premier of her first movie shot in the US "MOROCCO" (German title "MAROKKO", Director: Josef von Sternberg) Marlene Dietrich sitting on her luggage upon arrival in America
06 Dec. 1930 -
17 Apr. 1931
Stay in Berlin; Return to Hollywood accompanied by her daughter Maria  
1935 After filming seven movies together, Marlene Dietrich and her director and mentor Josef von Sternberg part Marlene Dietrich and Josef von Sternberg
06 Mar. 1937 Application to get American citizenship  
09 June 1939 Marlene Dietrich becomes American citizen  
1944 - 1945 Support of the American troups in North Africa, Italy, France and Germany (with the United Service Organization - U.S.O.) Marlene Dietrich performing in front of soldiers
Sep. 1945 Visit of her mother in Berlin Marlene Dietrich and her mother
03 Nov. 1945 Death of her mother  
08 Nov. 1950 Marlene Dietrich is honored with the French award "Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur" 1971 Promotion to "Officer" by President Georges Pompidou and 1989 promotion to "Commandeur" by President François Mitterand Marlene Dietrich receiving the French Award
1953 - 1954 "One-Woman-Shows"; at the "Hotel Sahara" in Las Vegas and at the "Café de Paris" in London Marlene Dietrich at Hotel Sahara in Las Vegas
18 Nov 1957 Being the first woman in history, Marlene Dietrich is honored with the "Medal of Freedom" (highest possible award for a civilian in America) by Major General Maxwell D. Taylor Marlene Dietrich receiving American Award
1960 European Tour; Appearances in West-Germany, e.g. in May at the "Titania Palast" in Berlin Marlene Dietrich sitting in dressing room
14 Dec. 1961 World premier of "JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG" (German title "URTEIL VON NÜRNBERG", Director: Stanley Kramer) in the "Kongreßhalle" (Congress Hall) in Berlin Marlene Dietrich with Spencer Tracy in Judgment at Nuremberg
1962 Her book: "MARLENE DIETRICH’S ABC" is published (New York - Doubleday 1962, Berlin - Blanvalet Verlag)  
1975 Last tour through Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain, Canada, USA and Australia Marlene Dietrich in stage costume
1976 Retirement in her Parisian Appartment in Avenue Montaigne 12, to type her autobiography. Even avoiding any public appearances, she still continues to work until her death in 1992  
24 June 1976 Death of her husband Rudolf Sieber, to whom she remained married until his death Marlene Dietrich and her husband
1978 Last movie appearance in "JUST A GIGOLO" (German title "SCHÖNER GIGOLO, ARMER GIGOLO", Director: David Hemmings) with David Bowie Marlene Dietrich in Just a Gigolo
1979 Her autobiography "Nehmt nur mein Leben" is published  
1982 - 1983 The documentary "MARLENE" is made by Maximilian Schell

06 May 1992 Marlene Dietrich dies at the age of almost 91 years in her Paris appartment  
10 May 1992 Services at the church "La Madeleine" in Paris  
16 May 1992 Marlene Dietrich was buried on the graveyard Friedenau (Stubenrauchstraße 43 in Berlin) close to her mother

Marlene Dietrich tombstone
24 Oct. 1993 Auction of her estate by Sotheby’s (New York) by John Block. The government of Berlin wins the bet of a large portion of her inheritances and asks the "Stiftung Deutsche Kinemathek" to take care of it  
1995 First presentation of her inheritance during the exhibition "Kino-Movie-Cinema" at the Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin  
08 Nov. 1997 Berlin has named a square at "Potsdamer Platz" in her honor (Marlene-Dietrich-Platz) Memorial Plaque at Marlene Dietrich Square in Berlin
26 Sep. 2000 Filmmuseum Berlin displays on about 300m² parts of the estate of Marlene Dietrich in a permanent exhibition  
27 Dec. 2001 Marlene Dietrich would have been 100 years old  
06 May 2002 Marlene Dietrich’s 10th anniversary of death  
16 May 2002 Marlene Dietrich becomes honorary citizen of Berlin

Marlene Dietrich’s Star on the Boulevard of the Stars in Berlin
06 May 2012 Marlene Dietrich’s 20th anniversary of death