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::1947 - Golden Earrings

USA 1947
black &white

In London, in the autumn of 1946, British Major General Ralph Deniston is sitting at his club when he receives a pair of gold earrings in the mail. Later, on an airplane en route to Paris, Ralph is seated next to news correspondent Quentin Reynolds who, like other members of Ralph's club, has been curious about his pierced ears and changed personality since the war. Sensing Reynold's curiosity, Ralph relates how his ears came to be pierced: In 1939, before the war, stuffy British colonel Ralph and his young partner, Byrd, are sent to Germany to procure the secret formula for a poisonous gas from its inventor, German scientist Professor Otto Krosigk, who is friendly with the British. Ralph and Byrd are caught by Nazi soldiers and held captive in a farmhouse. During a radio address by Adolf Hitler, Ralph and Byrd escape and separate, with plans to meet in Freiburg, where Krosigk lives. While making his way through the Black Forest, Ralph is befriended by a gypsy named Lydia, who transforms him into a gypsy for his protection. Ralph resists her attempts to make a true gypsy of him, but cooperates out of self-preservation. Eventually, they arrive at the camp of Lydia's clan, near Freiburg. There, Ralph fights Zoltan, the gypsy king and Lydia's ex-lover, in order to win her. After defeating Zoltan, Ralph is welcomed into the clan, and befriended by Zoltan. Still disquised as a gypsy, Ralph meets up with Byrd, and, trying to avert suspicion, pretends to read his fortune, but is stunned when he foresees Byrd's death. When Byrd is gunned down by Nazi soldiers, Ralph shoots his killers, and the gypsies bury Byrd in the forest. To ensure his safety, Lydia and Zoltan insist on accompanying Ralph to a Nazi party gathering at Krosigk's house, where they read fortunes to amuse the guests. By the time they arrive and Ralph convinces Krosigk of his identity, however, the Nazis have forbidden anyone to leave, except the gypsies, whom they throw out. As they leave, Krosigk surreptitiously hands Ralph the formula on a note that is meant as payment for having had his fortune told. Ralph and Lydia arrive safely at the French border and swear their love. After returning Lydia's earrings, Ralph promises to meet her at the same spot after the war, which she waits out in Switzerland. After Ralph finishes his story, the plane lands, and Ralph returns to the wooded spot where he and Lydia said goodbye and dons the earrings before embracing her.

Ray Milland (Col. Ralph Denistoun)
Marlene Dietrich (Lydia)
Murvyn Vye (Zoltan)
Bruce Lester (Richard Byrd)
Dennis Hoey (Hoff)
Quentin Reynolds (Himself - American Journalist)
Reinhold Schünzel (Prof. Otto Krosigk)
Ivan Triesault (Maj. Reimann)
Hermine Sterler (Greta Krosigk)
Harry Anderson (German Farmer)
Gordon Arnold (Gypsy Boy)
Ellen Baer (Gypsy Girl)
Martha Bamattre (Wise Old Woman at the Krosigk's)
Charles Bates ((uncredited))
Carmen Beretta (Tourist)
Louise Colombet (Flower Woman)
Robert Cory (Burlington Club Doorman)
Gwen Davies (Stewardess)
Haldor De Becker (Telegraph Boy)
Harold De Becker (Telegraph Boy)
John Dehner (SS Officer with Hoff)
Leslie Denison (Miggs)
Vernon Downing (Club Member with Reynolds)
Tony Ellis (Dispatch Rider)
Margaret Farrell (Bit Part)
Eric Feldary (Obersturmfuhrer Zweig)
Arno Frey (Major)
Frederick Giermann (Sergeant)
Jon Gilbreath (Soldier)
John Good (SS Lieutenant)
Henry Guttman (Peasant)
Maynard Holmes (Private)
Stuart Holmes (Club Member with Reynolds)
Frank Johnson (Waiter)
Roberta Jonay (Farmer's Daughter)
Julius Klein (Musician)
Caryl Lincoln (Farmer's Wife)
Howard M. Mitchell (Naval Officer)
Antonia Morales (Gypsy Dancer)
Fred Nurney (German Agent)
John Peters (Lieutenant Colonel)
Pepito Pérez (Gypsy Boy)
Otto Reichow (German Agent)
Gordon Richards (Club Member with Denistoun)
Walter Rode (Nazi Party Official)
Henry Rowland (SS Trooper Pfeiffer)
Catherine Savitsky (German Wife)
Leo Schlesinger (Soldier)
Hans Schumm (Policeman)
Peter Seal (Chief of Police)
Larry Simms (Horace - Pageboy)
George Sorel (Policeman)
Robert R. Stephenson (SS Guard)
Greta Ullmann (German Wife)
Robert Val (Gypsy Boy)
Hans von Morhart (SS Trooper)
Henry Vroom (SS Guard)
Gisela Werbisek (Dowager)
Jack Wilson (Hitler Youth Leader)
Al Winters (SS Colonel)
Jack Worth (Nazi Party Official)
William Yetter Jr. (Soldier)
William Yetter Sr. (German Peasant)

Mitchell Leisen (director)
Abraham Polonsky and Frank Butler and Helen Deutsch (screen play)
Harry Tugend (producer)
Victor Young (original music)
Daniel L. Fapp (director of photography)
Alma Macrorie (film editor)
Hans Dreier (art direction)
John Meehan (art direction)
Sam Comer (set decoration)
Grace Gregory (set decoration)
Mary Kay Dodson (costume design)
Wally Westmore (makeup supervisor)
John R. Coonan (assistant director)
Howard Beals (sound)
Don McKay (sound recordist)
Walter Oberst (sound recordist)
Farciot Edouart (process photography)
Gordon Jennings (special photographic effects)
Loyal Griggs (special photographic effects assistant)
Eugene Joseff (costume jeweller)
Phil Boutelje (music associate)
Sidney Cutner (orchestrator)
George Parrish (orchestrator)
Leo Shuken (orchestrator)
Billy Daniel (choreographer)
based on a novel by Yolanda Foldes

«Golden Earrings» by Victor Young (Music) and Jay Livingston, Ray Evans (Lyrics)

2589 Meter 100 Minutes

6 August – 17 October 1946

27 August 1947