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::1962 - Black Fox: The True Story of Adolf Hitler

USA 1962
Arthur Steloff/Image Productions for MGM
black & white

This documentary intertwines the story of Reynard the Fox, the symbol of political ruthlessness adapted by Goethe from a medieval fable, and the life of Adolf Hitler. As Reynard, through guile and demagogy, uses every psychological ruse and gimmick to persuade the other animals of his righteousness and his right to be their leader, so Hitler is shown from his beginnings as a cunning conspirator and tremendously effective orator playing on the bitterness and passions of the defeated German people. Paralleling the newsreel shots of Hilter's early rise to power are the surrealistic drawings Doré made for Dante's Inferno and Kaulbach's 19th-century illustrations for Goethe's Reynard the Fox . Hitler's accession to the German chancellorship under von Hindenburg, his maneuverings vis-à-vis Communism both as an enemy and an ally, and his almost unparalleled indulgence in savagery toward helpless victims are given an ironic counterpoint in the story of Reynard's dealings with the animal community. Hitler's destructive and self-destructive cataclysmic career is seen through World War II and the Götterdämmerung of his death in a Berlin bunker, and an estimate of his impact on modern civilization is symbolically represented.

Marlene Dietrich (Narrator)

Louis Clyde Stoumen (director)
Louis Clyde Stoumen (writing credits)
Don Devlin (associate producer)
Jack Levin (executive producer)
Louis Clyde Stoumen (producer)
Ezra Laderman (original music)
Kenn Collins (film editor)
Richard Kaplan (film editor)
Mark Wortreich (film editor)
Gustave Doré (artist)
George Grosz (art)
Pablo Picasso (art)
Francis Lee (animation design associate)
Al Stahl (animation supervisor)
documentary about Adolf Hitler, combined with the story "Reynard The Fox" by Johann Wolfgang Goethe

89 Minutes


6 September 1962, Biennale, Venice
Los Angeles showing: Dec 1962

Oscar 1962:
Louis Clyde Stoumen (Best Documentary)