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::1923 - Tragödie der Liebe / Love Tragedy (The Tragedy of Love)

Germany 1923
black & white

Musette (Erika Glässner), a chambermaid, is discovered by her lover, Ombrade (Emil Jannings), making love with the butler. The professional wrestler kills the man and then accepts Musette’s excuse that he was taking advantage of her. When Ombrade is arrested, the trial becomes a sensation. Everyone wants to attend, including the judges mistress, Lucy (Marlene Dietrich). The judge (Kurt Vespermann) refuses her request, but Lucy attends anyway, viewing the proceedings from the spectators’gallery through opera glasses. The trial seems to be going in Ombrade’s favor until Musette breaks down and reveals everything. Ombrade is found guilty and guillotined.

Lena Amsel ()
Charlotte Ander ()
Irmgard Bern (Yvonne)
Paul Biensfeldt ()
Marlene Dietrich (Lucy)
Rudolf Forster (Francois Moreau)
Vladimir Gajdarov (André Rabatin)
Karl Gerhardt ()
Erika Glässner (Musette)
Curt Goetz (Staatsanwalt)
Paul Graetz ()
Ernst Gronau ()
Guido Herzfeld (Marcel)
Emil Jannings (Ombrade)
Arnold Korff (Det. Henry Beaufort)
Hans Kuhnert ()
Rudolf Lettinger ()
Mia May (Manon Moreau)
Loni Nest (Kitty als Kind)
Albert Patry ()
Hedwig Pauly-Winterstein (Adrienne Moreau)
Eugen Rex (Jean)
Fritz Richard ()
Ferry Sikla ()
Hermann Vallentin (Komissar)
Kurt Vespermann (Staatsanwalt-Substitut)
Hertha von Walther ()
Hans Wassmann ()
Ida Wüst (Madame de la Roqère)

Joe May (director)
Leo Birinsky (writer)
Adolf Lantz (writer)
Joe May (producer)
Rudolf Sieber (producer)
Wilhelm Löwitt (original music)
Karl Platen (cinematography)
Sophus Wangøe (cinematography)
Erich Kettelhut (art direction)
Paul Leni (art direction)
Erich Zander (art direction)
Robert Wüllner (assistant director)
Hachenberger (titles)
Ali Hubert (costume design)

1939m (1. Part), 1790m (2. Part), 1719m (3. Part), 1984 m (4. Part)
3468m (newly arranged Version by Joe May, 1929)

8 October 1923, Ufa Palast am Zoo, Berlin (1. and 2. Part)
7 November 1923, Ufa-Palast am Zoo, Berlin (3. and 4. Part)