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::1925 - Der Tänzer meiner Frau / Dance Fever (Dancing Mad)

Germany 1925
Fellner & Somio-Film for the UFA
black & white

Lucille Chauvelin tries - with no success -, to prusuade her husband, to go dancing with her. But he cannot dance and thinks of it as stupid, too. So Lucille goes by herself, much appreciated by Claude, a friend of her husband, who was trying to date her for a long time. At the dance palace Lucille gets to know Claudes friend Max, the best dancer in Paris. They dance long into the night and continue the party in the apparment of actress Yvonne, a neighbour of the Chauvelins. Edmund, one day, visits her, in order to revenge his wife. And she wants to revenge Edmund with Max. But finally there is a happy end, Edmund learns to dance, and the couple is happier than ever before.

Victor Varconi (Edmund Chauvelin)
María Corda (Lucille Chauvelin)
Lea Seidl (Mad. Ivonne Trieux)
Livio Pavanelli (Claude Gerson)
Willy Fritsch (Max de Sillery)
Hans Junkermann (Der Tanzmeister)
Hermann Thimig (Der Diener)
Olga Limburg (Die Zofe)
Marlene Dietrich (Dance Extra)
Alexander Choura (Dance Extra)
John Loder (Dance Extra)

Alexander Korda (director)
Alexander Korda and Adolf Lantz (screen play)
Hermann Fellner (producer)
Rudolf Sieber (assistant producer)
Josef Somlo (producer)
Nicolas Farkas (cinematography)
Paul Leni (art direction)
Rudolf Sieber (production manager)
based on the French play "Le Danseur de Madame" by Paul Armont and Jacques Bousquet

6 November 1925, Berlin, Ufa Theater, Kurfürstendamm