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::Private Life

Maria Riva, while standing inbetween the belongings of her mother, once said: If you open all of this (the bags and boxes, once belonging to Marlene Dietrich) and you recognize all of that as the long, long live it was, all you see is work. She compares here the live of "ordinary" people who die and leave really personal belongings behind and the live of her mother who only knew to work, but not to be private.
Therefore, anything shown in the below gallery marked as "private" cannot be seen as the pictures of a private person, but as a person who has worked, even when she was not on contract. In fact, some of the pictures are actually work related (e.g. Studio Photos, Radio shows, advertisement etc.). I put them all together anyway, because in my opinion they show Marlene Dietrich as private as she ever has been (except of course in her self-dictated solitude of her Paris Apartment, during which time no pictures of her were published).